Contemplating leaving


Three suitcases will fit in the trunk of the VW. Two large, one small. Guess who gets the small one? That’s right. Not me.

I also vote for all shoes to go in a separate bag, because shoes take up the most room and A2 always brings about 5 gazillion of them.

It’s a big trip, the one we’re about to take–and I’d like to call it the Museum Studies Tour, but that’s about as exciting as sitting through a staff meeting (if you have a really tedious staff), so how about the GOOP Tour? The head of the Muse Studs dept at U of T used to drop  the phrase “Graduates of our program” all the time to describe how well everyone was doing (ignoring, of course, that most GOOPs don’t actually work in museums). But I will be visiting GOOPs on this upcoming turn around the US, so it’s fitting, I suppose. In the meantime, I’m compiling a big list of stuff I want to see and it even includes some museums.

That’s how GOOPs roll, people. Busman’s holiday.

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