Bathroom museum

When you start looking for interpretive signage, it’s everywhere. Even in the bathroom. Maybe especially in the bathroom. All we wanted, really, was lunch.┬áRight on the line between Arizona and California, not quite a “sweet spot” (in fact, the quite dishevelled community of Quartzite, Arizona). The Times 3 restaurant beckoned from the highway; we stopped. … More Bathroom museum

Out on the range

Say it slowly: The Sonoran Desert Museum. If you’re me, you’ve just somehow mangled that in your head as the Snorin’ Museum. I’m here to tell you: anything but snorin’, fellow museum geeks. A delightful experience (albeit not cheap), I was particularly impressed by the text, even though there were distractions aplenty, from flying raptors … More Out on the range

Sad, sad text

Please. Just stop with the historical markers. If I’m going to pull my car out of breakneck traffic to swerve to your roadside marker, if I’m going to stop in the unshaded heat of midday to crane my neck upwards, if I’m going to stop near a muttering drunk on 6th street at midnight to … More Sad, sad text